The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie is a blockbuster but you can’t say the same for the friv games.
Angry Introduction or you can call it a “Swinging Simulation”

Spidy fans were waiting for this game since the previous game, The Amazing Spiderman. But what Beenox gave ? They just gave a swinging game ? A game where the fun lies in swinging around the city while the game sequences like the frustating Peter Parker segments, dull combat and unsatisfying boss fights made it annoying. Even the street thugs sequences, graphics, gameplay are very little improved and not well executed than we had expected.

Overall it’s not kind of a game to hang out with for hours and hours. And no question of playing again, because it’s cancelled out by the lame plot of this game. Now Let’s see the improvement made than the previous one. Well it’s neglible. The swinging style is improved. Now in this game you have to stick to the ground areas to keep your web attached to the buildings. It’s much more fun than flying high above them on webs apparently attached to clouds. Now that is what attracted gamers the most. Once the game started selling, most people told us that its an awesome game because they were taken in by the web swinging experience. After some time, even they were bored.

Gameplay and Combat

This ground level swinging style encouraged to swing close to the ground as the vehicles honk as you narrowly miss them. Jumping from high buildings and then swinging just before touching the ground gives the feel of the Spiderman movies. This style I loved a lot. As you slowly progress the fun will be vanished. In combat style, The Amazing Spiderman 2 is much copied from the Batman Arkham Series but it fails as these combats are same all throughout the game without any variance.

The Story began with the death of Uncle Ben. Peter was in search to find Uncle Ben’s killer, specifically to say, The Carnage Killer. Peter found him with the help of the Kraven, the Hunter but saw that his ally Kraven become his enemy. Then black cat in disguise of Felicia face off spiderman. After defeating her peter go towards kingpin. Then many twists and turns but atlast it sounds pretty empty both Qualitatively and Quantitively.

The range of Spiderman’s stealth combat is much improved but in certain areas only button-mash is pretty boring as your spidy sense tingles to dodge or counter. Enemies can be slow down by webbing. Still it lacks a lot of stuffs. The combats are very much repetitive. In this sense Batman’s combat are way superior as well as interesting. The enemy AI sucks pretty well no doubt. It’s much easy to take the down. Truly to say the AI is broken.

Those boring supervillains

What is the best thing about a superhero video game? Supervillains. The Amazing Spider-Man fails to win our hearts with its supervillains. For reaching him, you will need to beat a wave of enemies which includes 15-20 enemies. And what’s worst? one you get hold of the controls and learn the combat, all the time its gonna be “my spidey sense is tingling”, you will press a button, dodge and then fill their face with your webs.

Now let’s put the web thingy aside, it just takes less than 15 minutes for beating the supervillains. What sucks more is for the same time, you will have to search here and there for items and taking photos. The problem in it is the time, exploration time in an action game should be maximum for 10 minutes.

Costumes and Broken Cinematics

The overall play time is same as the previous game.The “interactive” dialogue sequences are pretty good. It determines the order in which questions are to be asked. These are free choices. The Spidy costumes are pretty cool. It can be unlocked in different areas like the Russian Mob hideout. Comic pages are all over the city. You can collect them. The vast city to explore is a good experience in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. This gives the game at least some positive aspects.

In some cinematic areas, there are a few flaws like you may feel some missing lip with the dialogues. Some glitches are there in the game as well. Overall it’s just not as good as the blockbuster Spidy movies. More variance was needed in the boss fights and other combats stuffs but you can try this game at least once as swinging around the city, fighting and hiding from task force, rescuing civilians and other side missions are good sources of entertainment.

A game’s cinematic is important for filling the game with emotions and making players feel like “I really need to save him”. Those broken things take away all the fun. Beginning of the game is pretty good but won’t keep you entertained for a long time.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is rushed out for release to coincide with the movie which result in a fail. While the web swinging is a lot of fun but Beenox made the other stuffs simply lame. Hope in the future Spidy titles these combat and other styles should be unique rather than some copied stuffs even those are repetitive. There’s plenty of expectations and high hope in the next game. Hope we will not be disappointed.